Iðnar hendur – Busy hands

Vetrarstarf. Reglubundnir sellufundir. Grænt te og turrón. Iðnar hendur.

Busy hands at last weeks meeting. Folding, cutting, sewing, glueing. Drinking green tea, breaking spanish turrón.

ARKIRNAR eru flestum hnútum kunnugar. En svo rær hver og slær með sínu lagi. Einfaldasta bókasaum með tilheyrandi hnútum má sjá hér og hér líka. Hérna eru svo fínar myndir af „Weaver’s knot“ (flagghnútur):

And we were discussing knots …

The “Weaver’s Knot” (Fig. 22) is more useful in joining small lines, or twine, than for rope, and for thread it is without doubt the best knot known. The ends are crossed as in Fig. 23. The end A is then looped back over the end B, and the end B is slipped through loop C and drawn tight.

Knots, Splices and Rope Work / www.gutenberg.net

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