Testing! One-two-three…




Apríl er brátt liðinn! Arkirnar átta hljóta nú að huga að því sem þær ætla að pakka í töskur! Ætli margir pakki í töskur og fari af landi brott þessi misserin? Hvað er í töskunum?

Hi everybody! Time flies, it’s already late in April!  It’s just great to watch the danish and norwegian projects on the CON-TEXT-web! I hope I will be able to share news from Iceland and the Arkir-group. We received the suitcases alright and everybody in the group is starting to figure out what to pack…

Literally many Icelanders are packing and leaving. The ongoing economic crises and the parliamentary election (April 25th) has taken it’s toll on everybody’s creativity: we are fed up with calculating the national dept and watching the politicians dig up more and more dirt, we are tired of sweet talk and bold promises. What we need now is the necessary room and peace to work, to do our thing…

1 thought on “Testing! One-two-three…

  1. Hello Àslaug – welcome to the blogging universe! Look foreward to see how you and Arkir will handle the suitcase challenge!

    I also look forward to welcome you (as many of you as possible – no matter the amount and extent of the economical crises) at Kulturspinderiet in Denmark in September!

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